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Learning to Bridge Cultural Divides So You Can Close the Deal

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Why Your Business Leaders Need Cultural Diversity Training

At the Guestmanship Academy, we provide you with the tools to effectively conduct an intercultural dialogue to improve business relationships with partners from emerging markets.

Our course helps you to build relationships of trust that lead to successful business outcomes. The course assists you with aligning your culture compass to encourage cultural sensitivity to foster mutual understanding.

With a staggering 20-50% of all international business transactions failing due to cultural insensitivity, this course is vital for businesses engaging with international partners. Cultural Diversity Training is essential for any organization looking to close deals with businesses from other countries.

This course is not just about learning a list of cultural sensitivity do’s and don’ts; it is an intensive and comprehensive course covering strategies for long-term business growth through building authentic relationships with partners from around the world.

Intercultural Awareness Course

Comprising four modules, this course offers:

Valuable skills to conduct international business with a higher success rate of closing deals

How to find, build and sustain long-lasting relationships with international partners

Understanding cultural differences and how to interact with business partners from different cultures

Cultural sensitivity training

Tailoring your sales strategy to appeal to businesses from emerging markets

An international interactive platform of like-minded international business people sharing knowledge and experience

A flexible, affordable online alternative to face-to-face training

MODULE 1: Re-evaluating your International Business Sales Strategy

Module Includes: • Discovering the perfect client profile • Unique business strategies • The difference between product and human value • Knowledge & skills to satisfy your customers & partners needs and expectations • Practical Examples & “How-To” Materials

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MODULE 2: Cultural Compass Assessment: Unpacking similarities and differences when dealing with international business partners and,

How to navigate any possible challenges or conflicts. Module includes: • The secrets to a good working relationship • Understanding what drives your customers & business relations • The needs & willingness to deal with differences • Practical Examples & “How-To” Materials

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MODULE 3: Measuring and Controlling the Effects of Cultural Differences while doing International Business deals.

Module includes: • The importance of intercultural differences in internal business • Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions and the influence on international business • Company cultures and YOUR role in cross-cultural dilemmas • How YOU can affect the intercultural environment • Authentic cultural adaption (no faking it!) • Practical examples and “How-To” Materials

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MODULE 4: Combining Your International Business Strategy for the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Module Includes: • How to distinguish yourself with excellent service & experiences • How to create a great customer experience • Understanding your influence on the intercultural environment • Practical examples and “How-To” Materials

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Picture of a study group